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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
Sorry, I dont buy this argment for a minute guys. The game you decided to go, which did not exist when posted in to the game I had clearly says the below. You undertood the game details and when the other game came up, you decided to back out:

Here are the details POSTED:

Battle of Evermore.

Here are the dates:

Feb 11 Feb 25th.

Reason for 2 dates is to have a back up in case the weather does not cooperate. However if both dates turn out ok, there may be TWO games.

You MUST be capable of being in for BOTH dates. Assume 3 days prior to the first date for firm up, and if that fails we go to the second.
Sorry but sounds to me like you got your panties in a knot and are hoping everyone will side with you.
After looking over your demands. for people to be 100% committed to you. BUT your only 75% committed to a date for them? Kind of seems like a double standard

You tell people. There may be a game on XX or on XX or on both. So you MUST keep both free for me or else you can't play.

Someone else posts a for sure date for a for sure game. And people leave your game?

That sir is called being a hypocrite, You can't ask someone to commit 100% and not give the same commitment back rain or shine.

How ever, people who simply don't show up after saying "in"do piss me off as well.
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