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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
If people flake on my games .. they just don't get invited back

it's a simple system..

Anything other than a very clear "in" post in the game thread will not get you on the list of attendees.

I don't permit any walk on players.. if you are not on my list and just show up.. you won't get in.

I keep a list of every player posted in .. and I take attendance .. you flake, you are done for the season at any of may games .. that is my policy

I also publish the names of Flakers in the AAR so others can see which players are not trustworthy.

This is an interesting concept. I am sure the people who did post in, and will make the 2 games we posted, will appreciate this. After all, we are all capable of reading an comprehension. Making a commitment to anything weeks or months in advance is not exactly like putting a man on the moon. And if you CANT, than dont post in.

Here are a few examples of things people dont miss. Why not airsoft?

1) Court Date
2) Airline Flight
3) Exam date
4) Job interview
5) Wedding

All of these above for some reason do not seem to have issues with being met. Why is it then someone cannot click "in" then not commit.

Simple, cause they dont "have too."

I am thinking Brian, your method seems to have merrit.
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