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I am a firm believer of tactical TP... you really never know.

I also usually carry the required tools to strip or sight optics and a basic screw driver kit. My guns are reasonably easy to tear apart in case something does happen.

A roll of hockey tape, duct tap or gaffer tape...shit is useful.

I have a 3L bladder in my vest and a radio pouch that can carry a medium bottle of gatorade. On the super long games or hot days I bring a cooler with more fluids.Always check the weather report for more weather specific items.

I carry snacks on me in extended games, you don't know if you'd be separated from your kit dump for a while or not. Every time I visit the dump/command post, I will top up. For longer games the 24 hour ones (of the 2 I've attended) I have a bag of food, a jacket and any other kit I don't need but might in a bag. Beyond that, it's in the car in a real emergency, but you try not to leave the field.. it's a challenge for yourself. but hey it's still a game, and shit happens, so if you really need something from the car, you could theoretically go get it.

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