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Originally Posted by Cs View Post
I just want to say thank you guys for replying. All this information is great.

I don't like to quit or give up but I'm only human. Being that much more prepared just gives a better chance of making it through the whole event.

I really want to go to a 24 hour event but I know there is no way I'll last without getting rest.

At least now I'm starting to get a better idea what is needed and also that being mentally prepared goes a very long way.
It may be my age creeping up on me, but at about the 16 hr point with continuous physical activity and exertion, my eyes would be involuntarily dropping on their own. At the 20 hr point i'd likely start sleep-deprivation hallucinating. NOT a safe physical condition to be participating in an activity that requires both physical and mental situational awareness. It is a somewhat physically and mentally challenging and demanding mil-sim, but not a bona-fide war situation with "stim's" required in a crisis combat situation to keep the troops from dropping.

I would think that game organizers/administrators would generally recognize this, and will plan around that - keeping the safety for, and of the participants, foremost in mind above any and all objectives of the game. To do otherwise, would be irresponsible and dangerous.

That's my take on it anyway.
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