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Originally Posted by McKee View Post

Also, physical fitness and mental fitness are part in parcel of being a soldiers. Nothing drives me crazier than a guy who spends 6000$ on night vision goggles, 1000$ on gear, 1000$ on a gun, but won't spend 30$ a month on a gym membership to get into shape. Mental fitness (AKA discipline) and physical fitness (mainly stamina and endurance) are the fundamental soldier skills. There is a reason every countries basic training consists primarily of discipline and fitness over technical skills. I would take a fit, disciplined troop with a piece of crap kraken AK and a chicom vest then a super 1337 delta seal NVG PTW who is out of shape and wont listen to orders and would rather stay in the safe zone eating BBQ steaks (exhibit A: my avatar).
hahah so true.

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