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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
No the hardest is when people are told to sit and watch an important stairwell/chokepoint for 3 hours and won't listen. COMMAND means you effing listen to them! Generally the people that whine about not getting orders at a milsim are thoughs who struggle to follow the ones they are given. Go figure eh.

This is a big issue. MILsim isn't just about simulating the environmental conditions of the military, you have to play the role of the soldier too. Everyone has some kind of orders to follow, right up to the top generals. As the individual soldier, your most important task is to communicate with your squad leader/section commander. Keep him informed of your situation.. enemy contact, your location, if you are respawning, if you need rest.. etc. If the section commander gives you an order (IE watch this stairwell).. follow it until he tells you otherwise or if you feel he forgot about you (it happens, a commander is busy) use your RADIO to check in with him and get confirmatory orders. Milsim is a coordinated team effort where skirmish is a loose collection of individuals acting on their own accord. One of the most frustrating things as an airsoft commander is looking behind you to realise that 2/3rds of your squad has gone off on their own and died, and then you cant find them because they are in the rear taking a nap because they're tired.

If you're tired, hungry, thirsty, bored, whatever.. check with your section commander. Part of the duties of a leader is to ensure his men are taken care of for rest and food. This is especially true for airsoft where you dont have disciplined soldiers that can stay up and not eat for extended periods. Do not just fuck off on your own. If ever you're out of contact with your section commander or you feel the situation has changed to the point where your previous orders no longer apply, priority one is re-establishing contact with your section commander. If ever you don't know what you're supposed to be doing within the commanders intent, you're in the wrong.

Also, physical fitness and mental fitness are part in parcel of being a soldiers. Nothing drives me crazier than a guy who spends 6000$ on night vision goggles, 1000$ on gear, 1000$ on a gun, but won't spend 30$ a month on a gym membership to get into shape. Mental fitness (AKA discipline) and physical fitness (mainly stamina and endurance) are the fundamental soldier skills. There is a reason every countries basic training consists primarily of discipline and fitness over technical skills. I would take a fit, disciplined troop with a piece of crap kraken AK and a chicom vest then a super 1337 delta seal NVG PTW who is out of shape and wont listen to orders and would rather stay in the safe zone eating BBQ steaks (exhibit A: my avatar).
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Commanding in Airsoft

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