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All the above info is great and will help you out big time to have a enjoyable successful milsim. Take their game advice they're speaking from experience. It will make the milsim 10x better when your ready for it.

I will add that one thing not enough people do is prepare mentally and physically. If I have a big milsim coming up Rhino/Deadfall I will adjust my regular training routine and up my workouts to adjust to the rigors of the all day event at least a month in advance. That means a heavy cardio endurance based workout with a clean diet. That way when most would get tired and or quit early on you can keep going.

Obviously everyone has barriers and will fade later on and need some sleep at some point. So plan accordingly. During a full 24 hour event this will help immensely. You can have all the kit in the world being prepared is great but if your not used to carrying all that kit it will just end up being a heavy burden.

Also make sure you consult the kit lists most hosts suggest and ensure you have everything that solves a lot of problems right there. Many people are game casualties due to those two factors. Players don't bring enough food, water or enough/proper clothing.

I will give specific examples - Rhino: people didn't bring enough consumables and so many people left when dinner arrived. So much attrition cut the squad I had to work with in half. People didn't carry enough water on them in 40 degree weather.
Deadfall - People didn't pack enough sets or proper clothing. It was rainy, windy, cold all night. A lot of people were cold casualties as a result.
Zombies at Picton - People were more mentally and physically unprepared then anything else and left before the game ended.

My real questions is what do you experienced people pack?

How many batteries? - At least one set of spares for each device that uses them. More depending on mission length. My large type battery in my gun never dies but if you use small type batteries know how long they will last you bring at least one extra.
How much water? - 3l camelbak plus extra water in a canteen or water bottles
How much food? Do you bring a cooler and leave it at the HQ? - always a good option if your there with a big group. Pack at least 24 hours fast consumables on your person. Leave the extra food at HQ/safe zone
Do you bring small cooking stoves? - Normally no its unnecessary but having some pre/post game is good. I did bring a jetboil for deadfall it was a lifesaver and morale booster to give coffee and hot chocolate to the team.
Toilet paper? - Bring one just in case

Do you guys pack it all in your vest or do you bring backpacks and leave it somewhere in the field and come back to it? - Pack only what you need in your vest, backpack, base kit.

I want to be able to participate in milsim's this year but I don't want to be under prepared or bring way too much stuff that I would never use. I guess it really depends on how long the op is. - Don't bring any more than you will need you will thank me later.

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