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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Very few people can go 24 hours without rest.

the operational tempo of a 24 hour game is very different than a 6 hour skirmish.

Milsim games are typically "mission" oriented.. over a 24 hour period you may have several Missions.. some missions could be static and defensive in nature, some could be very active, a raid or deliberate attack.

some "missions" may be .. take 3 hours and eat and rest.

overall one of the things that give many people trouble is the fact that you will probably not be in control of when you do what. Milsims usually have a defined command structure that will organize the force and define missions and timings.
So one of the hardest parts is you could be really beat and then the Command tells you that there is no time to rest and you need to complete this mission right now type of thing? or there could be a really cool mission coming up but they need you to guard a trail instead and send out another group?
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