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I recommend BB Bastards as well. I've tried many brands that have varied from bad to good. Some will work well in some of my guns, but not others. Some brands will jam in some of my mags, but not others.

But BB Bastard have consistently worked flawlessly in all my guns and mags since I started using them. I haven't used anything else for a couple of years now, and since then, I've had no issues with jams, misfeeds, etc.

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+1000 Bastards all the way and besides Jay is canadian why not keep the money in Canada.
Well, the BBs are made in China like everything else we buy, so only part of the money is staying in Canada. But it's still a Canadian company that sells a quality product, so I support them by being both a customer and dealer.

And to be clear, I don't support them or talk them up because I'm a dealer. I became a dealer because I truly believe that they're the best BB available without exception.
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