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The "hypotheical" example I used had a much shorter time frame than a week.

This was within minutes.

But thanks for the idea on that. I dont want to be the heavy, but at the same time this is not McDonalds, and as I mentioned, and anyone who has put these on, it is not for the fame and fortune by any means.

Just seams like there is a percepetion by some that these games are like a public tennis court.

I did not quite get it, and this is actually giving me a bit of confidence and I am not on some kind of outer planet in thinking a "in" means just that.

Side Story:
I played rugby for Toronto for 7 years, and I can tell you, if you did not show to a game, you better be on your death bed cause, the players who did show would then be on the "physical" hook.

Drinking/partying the night before? I can assure you every player tried that at ONCE. And thats all it took, as the next day was "payday."

Weird, that experience/time in my life had palyers from 17-30, all walks of life. But the one thing that was unacceptable was breaking a deal.

That would mean you are pretty much finished in the Toronto Rugby Footbal League.
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