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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
Ok, Great stuff.

So to build on what is being said here as an example:

1) Players see game and say "wow" thats awesome "IN"
2) 3 weeks later another game appears with interest in that game so player posts "IN"
3) Then bails on the first game and posts "out"

My assumption is this too, is not cool correct?
So not too cool. That doesn't even come close to appearing on the legit excuses Radar.

I'd suggest that by doing so, eg. if player 'x' posts "IN" on one game, then mysteriously posts "OUT" a week or so later, and then just as mysteriously appears on a list/field for a different game, same time frame - then they've just forfeited their right to post "IN" again on the game series that they originally bailed on, for however many games in a row that the game administrator should deem appropriate.

At least that is the way i'd go about it.

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