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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
I was thinking of tossing this question out to the general forum to see what the thoughts were on players saying "IN" to a game then backing out.

My question goes as a deeper one, as many of the people who have put games on can appreciate, the games are put on by people who typically:

1) Want to see the hobby grow
2) Want to see bigger venues

I think everyone knows the idea of becoming indipendatly rich by putting games on is....well.... a pipe dream.

So my question then stands as to what people think the reponsibility is, of the the person posting "in" then backing out?

At the end of the day, I undertand there are plenty of great acceptable reasons why someone cannot make it, but are there some times when this should not be accpeted, and in fact maybe acted upon?

For many, there is a great risk putting a game on. In some cases a field may have to be rented and the game holder can be on the hook if people bail. I just wanted to see if there is a feeling from most that its not their problem and these games put on are more or less something that is the right to go to or not.

I am sure this is going to start a fire-storm or perhaps, no coment...

My personal belief by the way. If I post "in" to a game. Unless one of my family members died, the sun did not rise, or my guns broke, I WILL be at the location where I posted in.

Rain or shine.

You are assuming that some people know the definition of "IN"... and if they do, that they give 2 shits whether they honor that commitment that they've made by stating "IN".

Yes, most people will take into consideration that posting "IN" isn't for just purely selfish reasons to reserve a spot.. but there is also an increasing minority percentage that will do just that, with no real commitment to attend or care for whom is inconvenienced/affected if they choose to back out, for whatever reason.

*Edit* this isn't a problem/issue exclusive just to airsoft, needless to say - it's generally tied more to age/sense of responsibility/generational factors more than anything else it seems.

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