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The most important thing to "pack" is the will to do it.

the question to be answered is how do "milsim" games differ from "normal, skirmish type games?

This is a function of 'Mindset" In a normal game.. it's social.. you go shoot your friends, go back to the safe zone.. take your goggles off, sit around for a bit and then go back into the game and do it again.. it's a game of tag with guns..

In a Milsim you go into the game and immerse yourself into the scenario. You agree along with all the other players that you will remain in the game for the duration. There are no breaks, no hanging out in the safe zone.. you play as if there is no safe zone.. If you get hungry.. you have to have your food with you, if you get thirsty, you have to have your water with you.. If you run out of ammo you have to have your ammo with you. If you get wet, you need to have dry clothes with you, If you get tired, you have to rest on the field in the game.

To be able to do this you need to develop the equipment , gear and experience to know what you must take with you and how you are going to carry it all in order to be self sufficient for the duration of the scenario..

For a "day game" 10 hours or less .. this is less of a challenge than for a 24 hour overnight game.

So the principle difference is in a Milsim, you go out into the game and you stay out and don't come back till the game is done.

in a skirmish type game.. you go in and out of the game as you feel like it..
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