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I just happened across this long dormant thread and had to post a comment.

I am quite amused to note that the policies at the store (now called SAS) have not changed. I used to work there but ended my employment over safety concerns; one of the staff members chose to fire airguns (of any description) in the store with no regard for either employee or customer safety. In the time I worked there I observed the same staff member (who was/is a self-professed airgun expert) to break a number of airsoft/pellet/BB/whatever guns and then have the owner send them back to the distributor because they were 'defective'. The most amusing instance was this 'expert' bringing in real firearm lubricant containing a gunpowder solvent and up-selling it with airguns - only to have dismayed customers returning to the store with non-functional paperweights wondering what the hell happened.

I'd personally recommend steering clear of that place and instead choose to deal with knowledgeable dealers/retailers.
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