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Originally Posted by Cs View Post
My real questions is what do you experienced people pack?

How many batteries? Really depends on how much you shoot. My personal guideline is 1 battery per 6 hours of game time + spare. I find in milsim you end up shooting a lot less than scenario games though. Definitely no less than two.

How much water? As much as you can carry. You can never have too much.

How much food? Do you bring a cooler and leave it at the HQ? Totally depends on the venue.

Do you bring small cooking stoves? Again, depends on the venue. For a multi-day event, yes, I bring a cooking device, along with my own water, tea, soup, etc.

Toilet paper? Usually not necessary, but doesn't hurt incase there isn't any available. A roll of TP is small and lightweight..

Do you guys pack it all in your vest or do you bring backpacks and leave it somewhere in the field and come back to it? Multi-day events usually have camps that you can leave the majority of your stuff at. Again, it depends on the venue. Read, read, and READ MORE about the venue description. If youo have any lingering questions, ASK!.

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