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How to be Prepared for a Milsim?

I've been searching the forum for a post that has a general guideline for being prepared for a milsim game but I haven't been able to find a post that has been dedicated to it. If there is a post then I apologize for making a new one.

Everything I have read always say's that people flake out as not being prepared but how does a new player get prepared for there first milsim?

I know the basic being get good BDU's, boots, tactical vest with hydration and goggles.

My real questions is what do you experienced people pack?

How many batteries?
How much water?
How much food? Do you bring a cooler and leave it at the HQ?
Do you bring small cooking stoves?
Toilet paper?

Do you guys pack it all in your vest or do you bring backpacks and leave it somewhere in the field and come back to it?

I want to be able to participate in milsim's this year but I don't want to be under prepared or bring way too much stuff that I would never use. I guess it really depends on how long the op is.

Any advice would be great.
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