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I don't know, I think you guys are mostly overreacting to this;
In this "sister's thread" (I don't feel like linking) where it's about the release of the shells themselves, the same kind of reactions was sparked, and it was stated by many members that "with a modified shotgun barrel so it can't load live ammo would be acceptable"; Madbull comes with exactly this, and it still is no good?

One could buy a Tanaka/AirsoftSurgeon M870 (AKA Slug Shot) at nearly a grand in Canada, and it would be great. But in the end it comes to the same exact thing. A shotgun is really just this, a barrel, trigger/hammer and a fire pin, be it airsoft or real. Of course, the Airsoft version might blow you in the face if loaded with real shells, but the risk of injury/death is just the same.

I myself stated in that other thread that I wouldn't be confortable if a player would come with a RealSteel and shoot those so-called training shells (not sure why you guys keep saying that's for a different market, and not for airsoft, etc... it's all the same). Now with a modified barrel, made by a reputable company, I wouldn't mind that much, as long as its known and proven that the gun's been modified and won't accept real shells.

On another note, what prevents me to build a shotgun (just like that China Lake guy) full metal and all, and load live shells? Same result really.

Food for thoughts?

Edit: just a precision on my personal thoughts on the matter; I'm not saying "go bring these in on the fields there's no problems there". I'm kind of on the fence on what to think about this really. Since many concerns were already depicted by previous posts, I chose to play the devil's advocate mostly. Still, I think what I wrote nonetheless
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Real life comparison,

GBBR- bang bang -- Giggle

AEG-- merrrzip merrzip -- meh

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