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Originally Posted by THe_Silencer View Post
As for working on JG G36s, my very first aeg I've ever worked on was a JG G36C. I upgraded the inner barrel and replaced the nylon bushings with Element metal ones and had no issues fitting them in. It must have been an issue with your gearbox MacieKa.
Yeah, entirely possible. The bushing hole for my sector gear is an "outie" as opposed to an "innie", i.e. the outer perimeter of the bushing hole rises up above the surface of the rest of the gearbox shell. I couldn't put any gears other than the stock ones in without the sector being completely unable to move. I had to sand the hole down. In addition, once I got bushings in, they were actually a little bit loose in the holes.

From what I understand, the JG V3 gearboxes undergo regular revisions.. The 8mm ones seem to be popular and are probably quite good. Examples on the market would include the new RIS version of the G36 sold by Velocity Arms, and Echo1's MTC1 and MTC2. One of the SOB variants as well.

As for the non stock gears binding, that appears to be a common issue with many Chinese mechboxes. It's another reason to avoid them if you're serious about your performance upgrades.
I still haven't quite figured this one out yet. It's kinda weird. Put GB back together, pull trigger, nothin. Shake it around a bit, works fine for a while. Put it down and come back a few minutes later, dead. I'm tempted to just get a drop-in V3 but the one I really want (Lonex) is kinda pricey.

I do hear these are some of the best drop-in internals you can find anywhere though.

The only real issue I had with it was that the spring was attached to the piston so you can't replace the piston w/o changing the spring.
I unscrewed the piston head, at which point you can snake the spring out. It's a normal spring but the very end of the spring wire has a little corner bit to it. I cut it off using some giant wire cutters I happen to have (as you might imagine, these come in handy in downtown Toronto ...). This spring is now residing in my trusty Diablo:

Diablo Mechbox Update 7.4V LiPo - YouTube

Works great! And the piston from the JG works fine on its own as well, I found the o-ring from it to be quite decent.

That and it was a horrendous pain to get the trigger back in place w/o it popping out.
The first time I tried putting back the trigger I thought I was going to throw the thing out the window (I live in a highrise...). After a ton of practice, I'm happy to report that it DOES get easier with practice and I'm now a pro at it (so this shouldn't deter the gearbox newbie).

Personally, I think the SCAR is not a great aeg to start if you're planning on just building a drop in gearbox due to the proprietary shell, hop-up, and self shimming gears since you'll never learn about shimming with VFC guns.
I agree with the above, plus with a lot of VFC stuff you're not going to be as likely to want to upgrade / tinker with it since it's more expensive and in many cases it already kind of rocks out of the box (their VFC is a good example of this). If you're going with a V2, go the M4 route. A world will open up!
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