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Originally Posted by kyle milliken View Post
ok thanks for your help looks like i'm getting a vfc gearbox shell and practising on that, i'll make it a CQC drop in GB for my scar. everyone thanks for your help if you have anymore suggestions feel free to post.
FYI VFC SCARs use proprietary V2 gearboxes due to the way the the folding stock works. In order to have a drop in gearbox it MUST be another VFC SCAR-L gearbox. Those clone Echo1/Dboys SCAR-H mechboxes MAY work too but I'm not 100% sure if the VFC based SCAR-H/L uses the same mechbox shell. If you can find a place that sells full VFC gearboxes let us know b/c I find VFC parts very hard to find.

As for working on JG G36s, my very first aeg I've ever worked on was a JG G36C. I upgraded the inner barrel and replaced the nylon bushings with Element metal ones and had no issues fitting them in. It must have been an issue with your gearbox MacieKa. As for the non stock gears binding, that appears to be a common issue with many Chinese mechboxes. It's another reason to avoid them if you're serious about your performance upgrades. The only real issue I had with it was that the spring was attached to the piston so you can't replace the piston w/o changing the spring. That and it was a horrendous pain to get the trigger back in place w/o it popping out. Other than that, the JG G36C still works great to this day 2 years later. I've moved on to much better AEGs but working on the G36 gave me some very useful experience that helped boost my confidence up. Personally, I think the SCAR is not a great aeg to start if you're planning on just building a drop in gearbox due to the proprietary shell, hop-up, and self shimming gears since you'll never learn about shimming with VFC guns.

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