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Madbull Real Steel to AS Conversion

As posted by the firearm blog:

Taiwan company MadBull Airsoft have developed a conversion kit to convert any non-semi auto shotgun (pump, single shot, double barrel) into an airsoft gun. The kit includes a barrel insert and special 12 gauge rounds. The rounds of loaded with standard 6mm plastic BBs and charged with C02 gas.

The barrel insert does not appear to allow regular 12 gauge cartridges to be chambered, preventing the accidental mixing of training and live ammunition.

This product will likely be a lot cheaper to buy and operate than other shotgun training systems.

I can't wait to try this system out.

( If anyone from Madbull is reading this, please get in touch with me, your email system is not working and my replies are bouncing )
I'm assuming this is the fruition of their once vapourwared training shells, unless Firearm Blog guy is working from old info.

Queue discussions on accidents, cool factor and legal matters.

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