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TM M4A - Hop up cover/wobbly mag

Hey all. I just purchased a TM M4A and i've noticed that the hop up cover is always open, almost as if the spring was put on backwards. I've only seen one other M4, however it's hop up cover was always closed unless you pulled it back, then upon release the spring would shut it closed.

Any idea why this is happening? I presume it was done on purpose by the previous owner. Should i try to figure out how to reverse the spring and ensure its always closed or not worry about it?

The second issue i'm finding is that the mag is a little wobbly and seems to cause the semi-auto to lock. I've read a thread on why AEG's lock on on semi-auto (due to not pulling trigger all the way back). But it seems like if i hold the mag firmly in the issue doesn't occur. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance guys!

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