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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Whatever I say in my maintenance thread, the VA36 isn't really easy to work on and between iterations there are long periods of head-scratching and puzzling weirdness. There are quite a few pitfalls if you're looking to get started with that gun as your tech platform, especially if you buy the cheaper version which has a much much much older (6mm) version of the JG V3 gearbox. If you want to base your builds on JG G36s, you are going to have to buy one that has the newer 8mm gearbox.

The 6mm gearbox has a lot of little issues that aren't worthy "lessons", off the top of my head:

- The motor cage is a bendy metal, causing a lot of proplems
- Non-stock gears tend to bind (causing cycling seizures), this is an issue I haven't figured out yet completely
- The interior of the gearbox shell needs to be filed down in order for any aftermarket bushings to work
- The bushing holes are too loose for anything except stock nylon bushings

Aside from that, it's really hard to find parts. They exist, but where you might find hundreds of options for a V2 / M4, you will often only find one option for a G36.. And often it is something that might not be entirely compatible with anything else (I'm not touching any of the SRC parts for this reason).

If you're looking for an excuse to buy a G36, just go buy one of those newer JG ones with the 8mm gearbox. If you're looking to learn tech work.. start with something requiring fewer hacks.
ok thanks for your help looks like i'm getting a vfc gearbox shell and practising on that, i'll make it a CQC drop in GB for my scar. everyone thanks for your help if you have anymore suggestions feel free to post.

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