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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
These charges were thrown out because in this judges opinion airsoft guns "fail miserably" to be replicas of firearms.

This is a very important decision.. and if not appealed could substantially change the status of airsoft guns in Canada.
Would you be able to speculate on what the necessary mechanism would be for this decision (if, as you say, not appealed) to actually go about changing the status of airsoft guns in Canada? Would it be other cases of litigation using this case as a precedent? Bills being written? etc?

I guess what I am asking is... Should the outcome of this case serve to embolden various participants in the airsoft ecosystem to push the envelope further and "bring on the heat" to test where the limits of the law lie now, or is that crazy talk? Since it sounds crazy to me, how does one get laws actually written/edited/removed without stirring up trouble or unwanted attention?

As an example of one outcome I'd like to see if the replica designation was dropped: At the moment one of the biggest pain points for businesses and players alike in Canada is the legal document that often gets posted around here as a PDF link which serves to make airsoft importation so difficult and makes some "game legal" guns into not-precisely-legal-in-the-eyes-of-the-law (opaque guns, velocity minimums, etc). I think it would improve matters somewhat if even that one aspect was revised, due to airsoft rifles not being considered replicas anymore and potentially not being subject to the velocity minimums. This would have good effects on the importation pipeline -- no more custom homologation for Canadian specs on the exporter's side -- potentially bringing down costs and improving import times for retailers, allowing some retailers to ramp up their imports through their US partners, realizing some economies of scale.. etc.

Crazy talk?
"Mah check"

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