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as its already been posted i'll just confirm with a +1.....for a good starting kit all BNIB you can be a weekend warrior for between 1000-1200$ thats gun/bdus/boots/googles/ammo

that is essentially all you really need however. there are those among us that can afford the time and money to have way more gear and play more which obviously increases what you can buy and what you should buy. with this being my first year in the sport and having more money then i'll say 90% of the airsoft community i've dropped around 5-6k into the sport...and i'm not done.

when i tell people who are interested in the sport what it costs i say "depends on your money situation and it depends on weither you wanna be a casual player or a very regular away game type player.

to start off with you do NOT need the following:
a pistol
a flashlight
a ptw
more then one gun
a radio
dump pouch
more then 5 mags *by which i mean low caps 78 rounders*
you do not need real steel *high quality replica should be the norm though*
a training knife
any pouch that is not for holding mags or water

im sure we could make that list even longer. this thread is about what you NEED to play, not what you should get or how much you've spent in total *dispite the fact i did the same thing*
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