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Possibility of Sitting Through a Game in Montreal?

Hello everyone! As is probably quite obvious, I'm new here and to the sport in general. I've had an interest in this sport for quite a while and have lurked on these forums for quite some time before I decided to finally create this profile. Before I get to my question I'm going to be completely plainly spoken and say that I am NOT 18 yet, I only turned 15 back in August. I have no intentions of begging or whining about the rules of the forum or the laws regarding airsoft in Canada. I'm not going to ask where I can buy guns in Canada, or how to bypass importation laws. Google's a neat search engine, and any answers regarding those things I can find elsewhere.

That aside, onto the question! Myself and a friend of mine (same age, also interested in airsoft) would like to have the opportunity to sit and watch a game here in Montreal, and perhaps meet some people in the Montreal airsoft community. We feel that this would be beneficial for our learning more about the sport and understanding how a true, organized game plays out. We realize that at this age we aren't able to play, and we accept that, but we'd still like to go and see a game for ourselves and speak to the people involved in the sport here in Montreal. Our only problem is that we have no idea where we would be able to do this. I myself have heard that Action 500 in Laval has airsoft days, but I've not been able to confirm this as of yet. I've also heard that Arnold's in LaSalle has airsoft games, but once again I've not been able to confirm this. Does anyone know if it would be possible for us to go and watch a game and where we would be able to do this?

Thanks a bunch,

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