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Originally Posted by RangerGord View Post
I signed up january 12th 2012... I might have an appointment next week to get verified. I thought this part of the forum was free of wrongful judgement and flaming.

I want to thank everyone who gave contructive criticism towards the subject.

As for the title of the thread goes, it's more of a bad translation on my part than an actual thread about bendings and avoiding laws and such. The idea wasn't to avoid or bend rules but to abid them fully.

I had a misconception that the law was put in place to stop realistic replicas to be brought in without a license in which the Thundermaul legally wouldn't apply to. But now I understand that it's deeper than the surface/body of the gun.

In any way, 165$ for a Thundermaul to someone who wants 2-3 games under his belt before spending three times the money for a good quality gun sounded like a better opportunity for me than buying one at Canadian Tire and at roughly the same price.
The amount of money you will spend in 3 game entry fees, a bag or two of BBs, gas, refreshments and snacks will easily suck up another 100-200 bucks.

Why do I bring this up?

Because you could just tighten the budget on snacks, liquids, get some friends to chip in on gas and bring them with you, and you have an extra few bucks to bring your gun budget well into the $200-300 range.

Why do I bring that number up?

Because you can find guns in the used AV sections which will easily surpass the Thundermaul within, or within spitting distance of, that price range.

And at any rate, shipping from out of country plus duties is going to bring you into that range anyway.
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