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Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
"regular" gun has no meaning. For the purposes of import, it is either a replica firearm (or a variant thereof) or its a firearm.

To be a replica firearm it must closely resemble an existing firearm.

To be a firearm, it must be a barreled device firing a projectile (of a prescribed mass) in excess of 500 fps.

A sci-fi airsoft gun like the pulse rifle satisfies neither of these criteria. so, on it's face there is nothing prohibiting import.

If the cbsa is prohibiting these from import then I'm guessing they are using their discretion and interpretation of the laws. Or I'm missing something...

I'll be using the Thunder Maul as an example, but my comments apply to any of the current or past produced sci-fi guns release, to the best of my knowledge, since they all use a real world firearm as their base.

Since the lower receiver of the Thunder Maul is an intact M4 receiver, it still doesn't pass CBSA criteria for release. The same would apply to a deactivated firearm in sci-fi dress.

Had the model been built from the ground up with no restricted parts this might have been different, though seizure would still be likely. Not saying you wouldn't win the appeal, but it's still a year long battle with very real consequences if you fail.

As mentioned above, even if I were to slap a Halo themed garb on a replica of an existing firearm, it's still at it's heart the replica firearm, especially since it's not a permanent modification. Therefore, it still resembles closely an existing firearm. The only thing you need to bring a Thunder Maul back to M4 spec is a partial front end and a screw driver.

The letter of the law might give a bit of leeway for interpretation here, but the is a whole slew of jurisprudence saying otherwise.

Also, the CBSA does use discretionary interpretation of C-68 as it's within it's mandate to do so.

As for the velocity you quoted, you're wrong. It's 500 fps and 5.7 joules (which in airsoft translates into 800 something fps with .20). There is also another velocity value in play here, but I won't discuss it in the newb tank and strongly advise you don't either. We can continue this via PM or in the AVed forum if you wish.
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