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I can confirm this, a while back they did make it through but the CBSA, not being staffed by retards, realized that these guns we're just dressed up "regular" guns.
"regular" gun has no meaning. For the purposes of import, it is either a replica firearm (or a variant thereof) or its a firearm.

To be a replica firearm it must closely resemble an existing firearm.

To be a firearm, it must be a barreled device firing a projectile (of a prescribed mass) in excess of 500 fps.

A sci-fi airsoft gun like the pulse rifle satisfies neither of these criteria. so, on it's face there is nothing prohibiting import.

If the cbsa is prohibiting these from import then I'm guessing they are using their discretion and interpretation of the laws. Something along the lines that if receivers are similar than it is a variant of a replica.

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