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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
If you used the card and is worth chucking in the garbage, why not offer to send him the card itself? Lol
I actually thought of that , but I think that might just piss him off more
He tried it again today & got the declined 200 code I called visa again
& they say there is nothing wrong with the account & nothing wrong with the info I supplied ,..I can tell from his emails he is becoming more inpatient
but I dont know what else to do,.. I have tried to resolve this , & even before I made the order I asked him if prepaid visa was ok , he said if it works like a normal visa he could take it ,...he ships my items , now tells me its declined
& I can tell that sooner or later hes going to start pressing me for another payment method ,..which im really leery of because he has ALL the card info
So I dont want to give him both
Visa does seem to think the problem is with the merchant So i dunno what should happen here
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