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Originally Posted by Rotting View Post
That's a deterrent?

All that makes me think is I only need to hit up one house instead of three.

On topic, I'm hitting the $1,500 mark and still have remotely nothing to show for it. The whole $1,000 dollar starter budget only seems to apply if you're picking up a clone. To get a rifle that isn't a piece of shit you pretty much need to bump it up to $2,000. Personal opinion, of course.
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Im calculating $750 for myself, and Thats with gear and gun. I spend 450 on a full metal with lots of upgrades.

I think where new players really rack up the money is ordering online. I got alot of my stuff used, and I dont look like Spec-Ops and w.e, but still have lots to show and definatly enough to play with
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