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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Luckily because it's pre-paid, he can't double charge you if you don't have the money on the card. I say leave it up to VISA...
Yes but because he cannot seem to get the card to go through for him , he may try to compel me to pay another way , which I wouldn't have too much of a problem with , its just that he now has ALL of that card info , so if i give him an emt,... & for some reason he gets the card working ,.....
I have called Visa twice,.. they say there is no reason it shouldn't work it has enough funds to cover the amount , When I use what I presume would be the same info, he would use, to process it , log into the cards account online the status shows as active with no problems .
Visa believes he may be entering some of the info incorrectly
he says hes going to try it again , i dont think hes doing anything shady , as I can clearly see the card has not been charged ,...although i dont understand why he would ship me the items BEFORE the card goes through ?
I have them I signed for them , then I check my email & hes telling the card was declined ! Im like What the ! lol :banghead:
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