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I have used a few online now , without a problem prepaid visa
however I just ordered some items with a prepaid visa ,...I got the items in the mail ,assumed everything was fine , they are emailing me saying the card was declined error code 200 ,..I called Visa , they say they believe some info was not entered correctly by the vendor , he has tried it twice i think ,...
& I am re-submitting the info again , but Its a weird situation be cause He already shipped me the items ! Who ships before authorization ?
Anyway at this point I am convinced the vendor is entering something wrong as Visa says there is no reason it shouldn't work , So if he still cant get it work I dont know what Im supposed to do , I dont think I can get the funds off the card into a bank account so I can emt it to him , I suppose if I have to I can take it from my account ,...but I got the prepaid card for this transaction & he has all the card info,.. so I dont want to end up being charged twice either ,...
So im not sure what to do ...
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