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Originally Posted by arnold869 View Post
I am a Sgt with Training Company, 2 Svc Bn at CFB Petawawa and the owner of Petawawa Airsoft.
I also am looking to use Petawawa's Training area (fibua site), I had it almost set-up but had to cancel due to time restraints.

1. Contact Range Control, they control the training area. They can guide you on what you need.
2. If you are not a recognized social group, i.e. boy scouts or youth group you will have to pay for use of the grounds.
3. You will have to provide proof of insurance.
4. Then once you have a your plan approved and a open time frame available given by Range Control and met all their requirements, you then have to draft a letter of approval to the Base Commander for permission.

It will take some time and is doable. Start 2-3 months before your event, military memo's do get lost and your request would be low priority. Good military writing skills are key.

Hope this helps you, its the the steps I followed.
Good advice.

I think the biggest problem depending on the area of course is convincing Range control. If they are anything like the guys we have here in Vic they will be a hard group to convince. They are very sticky on cleaning the range/training areas, and one bad inspection of the area you used could be enough to turf your club's ability to use DND lands for good, and because there is going to be left overs from your activities ie the bb's they may require a enviromental survey of some sort to be completed saying it will not harm the area if anything is left behind. We have a lot of protected areas on V.I within our training areas. Kinda sucks.

I hope your ideas work, as they could translate into something getting going here. I would be a regular in airsoft again if we were able to use the training areas, and I bet it would revitalize airsoft on Vancouver Island. The old group I used to run with has all but left.

I'm a full time reservist at the moment teaching for a school. And I would love for this to be approved because I would be very interested in having a base club like this. So I'm watching this thread with some interest. Good luck.

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