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Haha! EAR guys may get a kick of that... Or not!

So yeah my name is Colin. I'm 30 years old, live in Edmonton and am Valkyrie on the EAR forum. I gave up splatterballing to hopefully find a more challenging and realistic combat sport. I have 2 cats a black and a white one. My favorite food is not jello and definetly not escargot. I work at a steel forge. I am what's known as a second helper there and I run an 85 ton crane. My first attempts at more realistic combat was switching to Tiberius Arms paintball markers. Using an 8 round clips with 12oz Co2 cartridges. Just was getting sick of spray and prayers, and have been craving a more tactical game type for a long time. Heard about airsoft a few years back but was under the notion the guns were illegal in Canada. Stumbled across Capital Airsoft (plug plug) one day and walked out with a ICS CXP .08 Concept. Been back a few times since to expand arsenal and gear, and yeah sold the paintball gear.

So though I do have a bit of field scenario play XP from paintball I still think I have a lot to learn about Airsoft games types and rules. I look forward to meeting/chatting/ shooting some of you. The community that I've met so far seems really enthusiastic and friendly. Currently looking for an active team, I have "applied" to a couple already and I'm getting antsy now to go shoot people... Maybe you.


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