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Alright I got this right from PSP out of ottawa.
Your sport (Air soft) cannot be categorized as Extreme sport IAW the definition provide in CANFORGEN 061/09.
It is a recreational activities that can be organized on Bases and Wings under the Recreation department. CFAO 50-20 is the order that covers Recreational activities. There are a few Rec clubs (Paint ball) in the CF. ( I do not think there is any air soft)
If your CO wants to approve this as military training to replace military shooting, or to exercise your shooting skills, our office has no objection but it is not considered a fitness activity, nor it is an extreme sport.
This activity should be done on your own time (evenings and weekends) and most likely you would not be considered on duty by VAC when training or participating in a competition
Here's a link to CFAO 50-20

If enough bases started clubs. According to 50-3 for sports we could create a chain of games/competitions playing toward a military Championship.
Which would than be authorized as a sport. Through the base CO we could be authorized and covered to play against other base teams.

More to come. Still looking into this!

Figured I'd keep you updated
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