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How active is the Edmonton, AB community? + other questions

I signed up for the Edmonton airsoft site associated with this one, but cannot post yet. I am 18 and am very interested in starting Airsoft and have another family member that is as well. Before I go overboard and start spending a bunch of money, the major question I need answered is: how active is my areas airsoft community? Are there any good sites nearby? I wouldn't want to get really excited about starting, only to end up putting my gear in storage all year because I couldn't use them. Is the community as active during the winter?

Other questions that will help me out include:

-what site do you guys normally buy from? I'd prefer guns in the 100-300 range.
-someone told me you need a permit for owning realistic gun replica's to own an Airsoft rifle, though I thought the only requirement was to be 18 years of age

Any and all answers appreciated, I plan on doing as much research as I can before starting. Currently reading the newbie guide .

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