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Originally Posted by airsoftjunky View Post
Q#2: where do I purchase a metal body here in canada? To my knowladge I will be unsuccsesfull trying to import on across the border...
Because of the difficulties of importing and selling metal receivers expect to pay quite a bit for them, a lot more than you see them listed for out of country. They can run from reasonably cheap for a simple metal body with no trades to nearly the price of a mid-range AEG for nice powdercoated G&P body with trades. The G&P body kits absolutely awesome if you can find them.

This can really put a strain on your budget when you're only upgrading a budget gun, so fair warning: What starts off as a quick upgrade might actually transform into a "project gun" venture.

Another note is that not all gearboxes fit well in all bodies. I have a G&G GR-16 gearbox (from the Socom Gear PWS Diablo) that has some trouble fitting in some the receivers from my other M4s, especially with respect to proper alignment of the receiver pins and how they align the bottom of the mechbox with the top of the pistol grip. This sort of thing can kill project progress dead in its tracks and spur a crazy sometimes-fruitless search for new pistol grips, new gearbox shells, etc, etc. Just something to be aware of.
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