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Upgrading a G+G cansoft light M16. Is it worth it?

Back in the day when I was just getting into airsoft I bought a G+G m16a3 light version cansoft gun from Its just been a wallhanger the last year or two now tho, and iv been thinkin of up grading it with a metal body, steel bushings, better piston, tb, etc, to kind of turn it into a sniper.
Q#1: Is it worth it? Or is the V2 gear box to cheap for this?
Q#2: where do I purchase a metal body here in canada? To my knowladge I will be unsuccsesfull trying to import on across the border...
If I have to speand 2 or 3 hundred to make this gun good that's ok. I like everything on this gun externally xcept for the plastic receiver. I just don't know much about the internalls, except that v2 gearboxes can break over time...
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