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yes and no. It's an indicator but not a wholy reliable one.

Look up the max voltage for your cell (i.e. 2/3A or sub-C or lipo)...then multiply by the number of cells in your pack.

However...there's plenty of times with a "so-so" battery that it'll be "charged up" but then die really quickly once in use. So while it charges "ok" it doesn't work.

What you'll want then is a smart charger that can display how many mAh it's putting into the that pack on a discharge and charge cycle and see if it's taking all the mAh that it's supposed to (or close to). Then use it and note how many cycles you get out of it (it'll depend on your setup). Then you'll know for sure if you are heading out with a good battery pack.

PS. I don't bother with that...I just buy quality batteries, charge them with a good smart charger, and have a spare quality battery as a backup.
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