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I usually qualify blindfire in my briefings as when you are not 'eyes on' where you intend for your bbs to travel - as a result you cannot judge the safety of where your bbs are travelling, and that is why its a bad idea.

Suppressing fire is fire with intention, and you have eyes on the area you are suppressing.

Some people take suppressing fire and make a hose out of it. There is a line somewhere between suppressing and hosing. One players suppressive fire is another player's hose, so its subjective.

The BB Bastard in me likes hosing, its good for business and very profitable. The milsimer in me hates it because it just spoils the simulation - its like everyone running around with a vulcan cannon on their backs with an unlimited ammo supply.

To some degree because bbs can travel poorly making aiming with iron sights or other sights inaccurate, people can use the bb stream to track in on a target - this is a substitute for aiming. Again, most look upon a continuous stream of bbs as a bad thing (again, hosing).

Its easy to become target fixated to the point where you do this without thinking. I consciously try to limit my rounds to 3 to 5 round bursts in serious games. If its a giggles and shits game with my friends, its another story.

Sorry, this is a digression but its all along the same topic line.
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