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This is my first gun, I've been having these problems since I got it.The 9.6 nun chuck I got when I first got the gun was a horrible battery from the start; One of the leads came unsoldered during shipping. I had a hell of a time figuring that one out.

Once I fixed that I gave it a good charge then tried it out. It worked great for about 4-6 mid caps then it stopped firing and, the trigger locked like it died.

Sometimes if I switch it from semi to auto or, safe it will work for a few short bursts but then it stops until I recharge it. The spring is usually compressed too. I checked my connections then I put it on the multimeter, It was showing 8.4V So, I figure anything below 8.4 V won't work.

Since then the problem has got a lot worse. Now I am lucky to get 2 mid caps through it before i have to recharge it again.

I completely blamed my problem on the battery. It was the cheapest one the guy who imported my gun for me could get. I wasn't too concerned , having missed last season and now it being winter. I thought I could hold off on getting a new battery.

Then I find out boxing day, a new hunting and outdoor shop that just opened in town has an indoor airgun and archery range. With it only costing $7.00 for a whole day how can you go wrong?

I asked the staff ahead of time if you can bring airsoft and, they thought it was a great idea. None of then had ever seen a proper airsoft gun. I brought my N4 and, G18. Not the guns they were used to seeing from walmart. Anyways long story short, while my gun looked cool, it did not preform like it should and I was a little embarrassed to say the least

The staff seemed interested in stocking some items and I regret not being able to give a proper demo. The closest store that sells anything aisoft related is an hour away. It would be really nice to have somewhere closer to get bb's and other various crap.
Soon as I got home I ordered a new lipo battery and charger. I was really hoping the lipo would be the answer to all of my problems.

Thanks for the advice, I'll see if I can find someone with a good battery or even better get it to a gun Dr.; Venture I think is the closest at about an hours drive away.

if this is something I can find out myself with a multimeter please give me more info if you could. I have only every separated my upper and lower, removed my inner for cleaning and, I have removed the buffer tube to add a sling plate. I've never been near a motor or mechbox.

Thanks again for reading,

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