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Lipo help

I posted this here to avoid flaming, I need spoon fed.

I have a Socom gear Noveske N4 14.5 Madbull/VFC

I just picked up a Hot Power 11.1V 1100mAh 15C Li-Po Li-Polymer Battery and a lipo safety alarm.

After a full charge I connect everything. I can get a few rounds off but then the alarm beeps and I get nothing. the triggers is slack, the gun does not fire. If I leave it for a few mins I can get a few more rounds off before it happens again. I did notice a nice increase to trigger response and ROF while it works.

I was hoping to get to an indoor range this weekend and would appreciate some help.

I have my old 9.6 nicad as a back up but that battery is the shits, once the voltage drops below 8.4 the gun won't fire anymore and it's like the battery isn't even connected. It's similar to what is happening as above but it's not the same thing. I can get a few mags out of the Nicad before it's toast and once it's done it's done until I charge it again. trigger is different too and the spring stays locked back.

I do have the battery outside of my gun strapped to the crane stock. I'm waiting to get a UBR stock and this will have to do until then. I don't think that would effect it any tho.

One last question, I have a few rolls of the walmart ACU duck tape and I was considering covering the battery in a layer. Would this hurt anything? I mean it's already wrapped.

Thanks in advance for the help,

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