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Originally Posted by Lycanthrope View Post
Here in NZ the only real restriction is that guns must be converted to semi auto only before being imported. This only costs around 30 usd from most online retailers such as redwolf or ehobby.

I actually prefer the idea of only having semi auto... While I would like to have fully automatic guns just for fun I wouldn't want them to be used in games because it would just become a sport that relies on 'spraying and praying'.

In Australia you aren't aloud to get an airsoft gun of any sort unless you hold the correct firearms license I believe.

Not with low caps... when you only have 68 rounds in a mag and you shoot 15+ bbs per second... you can't just spray and pray... you will reload all the time.

Plus its expensive when you have to go through 2-3 bags of bb per game.

I myself use semi auto most of the time, and switch to full auto when I feel the situation could get hairy...

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