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Worry about getting a job first and chasing girls (I had no luck with the latter when I was your age, mainly because of my preference for certain types of girls, but you can always try). Then when you're 18 just don't go over to Gatineau too much :wink:.

As far as airsoft stuff goes, I'd recommend only starting to get the basic general gear when you're 17 so that you don't grow out of it too much. If your feet have stopped growing then boots are great and you can even wear them out of the house in the winter for better traction and whatnot. "One size fits all" items are good to start acquiring by then as well. I wouldn't recommend doing it now since new and better stuff always comes out. For example Garmin releases new and better car GPS units every year so don't get one now when you can't use it in a car because 2 years from now when you're 16 or whatever there will be a newer and faster GPS unit available. As far as that stuff goes radio, basic chestrig (you might want to go plate carrier or vest later after seeing what other people have but a chestrig is probably what I'd recommend the most), paintball goggles or ballistics (depends on local field rules), etc. are all good buys.

Also, it might be a good idea to introduce yourself to a gamehost to spectate a few games or whatever when you're 16. Hell, you might even get to play if you bring a parent/responsible guardian along and are strapped to their hip. Exceptions have been made before but don't expect an exception will be made for you. The host/field marshall/admin of the game will make the final judgement (but you still can't be AV'ed here on ASC until you're 18 and that's a hard rule here).

Good luck and have fun.
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