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"involving the medics carrying around medic bags containing:
Tape, simulated IV system, casualty cards, ear plugs, simulated bandages."

What do u use to sim an IV? real bags and set w/o a needle? If your wondering, go to a local pharmacy or Shoppers home health care, you can buy almost anything there, although you will have to ask for the stuff.]

I have a live/"reel steel" (or should I say real nylon/condura ) trauma bag that I use when I go out to camp, contains many med supplies. Stuff is really easy to get (legally) by looking for medical suppliers.

PLEASE NOTE: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN BUY IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN ACTUALLY USE IT IN REAL LIFE MEDICAL CARE. I have IV gear, but would never use it IRL since it is outside my scope of practice (I am an AMFR). Now if you are somewhere and a physician explicitly gives you the OK, than that's different.

MILSIM IS OK, since it is not real life (i.e. you aren't actually sticking them with an IV cath).

Canada is great for medical supplies, you can buy almost anything (except meds, for very good reasons). Canada's airsoft import laws may be brutal, but at least we can get sterile water without a Rx. In the US sterile wound wash water is a perscription item that required a Dr's Rx. Go figure.
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