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Ok, a mild brainwave just ran through me.. it was almost painless.

If you can't beat them, and at the same time, we can't have the untamed masses wreaking havoc on field as if the flood-gates were opened .. perhaps discussion towards coming to a compromise solution may be found?

Having gone through it 25 years ago myself, perhaps as good as any model would be the cadet corps (air, sea, army, whatever) to follow. While i understand that the cadets have long been pussified since my time, any organization modelled after it in terms of discipline, organization, or the right of the participant to leave/piss off if they don't agree with it, doesn't necessarily have to suffer the same PC fate of the cadets, in recent years.

I don't really agree with 13 year olds participating in this sort of organized activity - they are still in their formative period of development - physically as well as mentally. However.. i can certainly remember being a 15-16 year old on the range with plenty of other 15-16 year olds, and shouldering God's Hammer aka the FN-C1A1 under very close supervision of both my older peers, as well as the cadet corps officers. It worked then, it could work now. The difference between the cadets, and potentially us, is that the cadet organization currently answers to (and panders to) military tutelage under government control - and are swayed by whiney parents who want it their way. We answer to no one (after a Police background check, if necessary), but ourselves.

It could be made to work - but entirely upon the terms of the organizers - and not to any freaking parents that would consider it a glorified baby-sitting service - I would not have any tolerance for that, as I've opted out of larvae-raising in my life, for a reason... anyone's child steps out of line, or decides not to play according to rules, then it's considered a permanent, voluntary opt-out, and they get to wait on the bench for mommy and daddy, never to return. We would have the power, the control, and the ability to say NO.

As for games currently being played in the GTA-Hamilton area - i have seen some limited underage participation involved on the field that i've attended - i haven't entirely agreed with it, but i don't entirely disagree with it either - the problems arise when the underager's are left to their own devices. My own ability to participate in events in the coming year is going to be extremely limited - the spirit is willing, but the body is going to be extremely weak due to up-coming major surgery. It was the same deal with last season also - i participated as a form of physical therapy. Perhaps my participation in the events i attend would be better suited to mentoring as best as i can, when the opportunity arises.

Just putting the thoughts out there.

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