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Arrow Dextah's Introduction+ Gun selection in the future?

Hello fellow ASC members!

I'm not to foreign to this sport I actually known this sport 4 years ago but became interested again and researched last year. I am underage (14) and know what to do (wait till you're 18 and get Av'd! ) I live in Ottawa and know plenty of info and details. (because I come on this site practically everyday!) I like small and compact weapons (I don't plan on hiding under my jacket its against the law to brandish it in public!) and CQB. I heard about airsoft when I went to Philippines for a family vacation in 2008. When we stopped by my uncle and aunts place a few days before jumping on the plane home we slept on their top floor where we found a TM G17 and a M16 VN (idk which brand maybe G&P? ) in that room with no gun bags or cases! I picked up the G17 gingerly and inspected it it had all the fancy stuff TM was known for: trades and everything! I tried to pick up the m16 but it was too heavy for me ( I was 10 at the time). Later that day he showed us his SCAR-L which had a forest camo. I didn't try it because it was too loud and heavy! XD Jump forward to March 2011 where a friend of mine who is over 20 years old and he has a Classic Army M15a4 Ris Cqb , Custom DMR and a KWA 1911 MKIV PTP OD. I haven't went to his house that much ever since. I have my sights on 5 guns: ICS Sig 551, VA36C/ JG G36c, King Arms Colt M4, Classic Army P90TR Proline and a G&G MP5a4 Max to choose from. What do you think is the best? I'm waiting 3 more years (turning 15 this year) to get AV'd and my brother 2 more. I have a useless Cybergun P226 springer and a springer Crapsoft colt government which was such a waste of $$$. Anyways that was my intro to you, ASC.

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