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I just got pulled over outside a friend's house a couple weeks ago. It was about 2:30am and we just finished playing a day of airsoft, I just left his house, my friend was following in a van behind mine out in cottage country, and two cops came out of nowhere and pulled us both over. Initially they were looking for a few kids (assuming they were kids) lighting outhouses on fire, but when they saw me with my camo pants and face paint, they started questioning me. He asked what I was doin with the face paint on, so to escape a lengthly answer, I told him we were playin paintball (everyone knows paintball), but when he asked me to open the trunk where my guns were, I explained to him about airsoft, politely told him not to freak out, that they looked real, and opened my trunk. He opened my backpack which had my SIG 552, and questioned the dummy rounds, so I showed him the bb's, how the mag worked, and told him how the gun worked, and the whole time he never questioned whether or not I should have it locked up. I had my M16 in one of my bass cases and they were cool with that too. "What's in the guitar case?" Officer Friendly asked. It took all my strength not to be a smartass and quote Desperado. Now they were on the hunt for vandals, so we were not their main problem, but I'm sure they would have made some sort of stink if I was transporting my guns in an improper fashion.
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