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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
Airsoft guns are not firearms and DO NOT require a trigger lock. Personally I don't think they are a bad idea, but that aside, it's not like police never lie to intimidate or scare people.

I was once told by an officer that he could arrest me because I did not have my ID on my person at the time. He said he would be nice and do me a favour and let me off the hook with a warning. I laughed in his face.

Although I personally don't use trigger locks or locks on my gun cases they are certainly not a bad idea.
Cops... typically don't lie.... but it is very possible they they ***don't know the law *** and make it up on the spot

some Cops.. like most people, go through their day "faking it" hoping no one notices.

There are a lot of laws... can't expect them to keep them all straight..
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