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Originally Posted by enemybrit View Post
I'm not obsessed with high rof, I just enjoy the challenge of getting there. Also it feels nice when you shoot it on the field, and everyone is amazed by it and is interested in how I did it.[/url]

I feel the same way as well. With the motor/gear/battery combination I run, it was fairly easy to achieve 35+ RPS and I don't consider my setup to be too extreme, even though it's significantly faster than most airsofters.

To reach the 40 RPS mark on the other hand, you will need dual sector gears, short stroking,a giant lipo, etc. I have none of that in my setup. the big downside with such high RPS setups is that semi turns into 2/3 round burst and there's a big FPS loss due to the dual sector gears not pulling the spring back fully. My setup with a regular 13:1 sector gear suffers from neither of these compromises and my battery is small enough to fit flush in the battery compartment.

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